Like a breath of fresh air in a sea of sameness, it offered a more dynamic lifestyle, yet relaxed and elegant. Large open decks that flow into sophisticated beach house interiors. In hulls with exceptional seakeeping , even at speeds of 28-32knots. Designed strategically as a family with a clear and unmistakable identity. From 120ft to 210ft. From Open Sportyacht to Trideck Sportyacht.

Sportyachts built in aluminium with Superyacht build quality.All from an iconic brand with true pedigree. Time earned from 95 years of storied boatbuilding.

Another chapter in  a rich heritage of designing high performance Superyachts .

Palmer Johnson signature design.

The instantly recognisable lines of the Palmer Johnson Sport Yachts are what make this range of superyachts unique. Designed with a strong identity and as a family of yachts, the long flowing curves longitudinally and hard edges transversely give these vessels their aggressive and feline look.  The hull and superstructure are connected through the arches giving a seamless transition between these two elements and adding to the sleek and elegant styling.